Merge commit 'origin/ser_modules'
[sip-router] / modules_s / rr / loose.c
2009-07-17 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_modules'
2009-07-17 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge branch 'cvs-head' of ssh://
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... rr: fix from header access
2009-06-28 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-06-26 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-06-26 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_modules'
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/profile' of kamailio svn into sip-router...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/kamunix' of kamailio svn into sip-router...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/db_oracle' of kamailio svn into sip-router...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/db_berkeley' of kamailio svn into sip...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge '/scripts' of kamailio svn into sip-router/tools
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'pkg' of kamailio svn into sip-router/pkg/kamailio
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge '/examples' of kamailio svn into sip-router/examples
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge etc/ of kamailio svn into sip-router/etc
2009-05-26 Miklos Tirpakrr:force_send_socket parameter is added.
2009-05-07 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-05-06 Jan JanakMerge unit tests from kamailio trunk.
2009-04-23 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-04-16 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-04-15 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge ser modules into sip-router master branch
2009-01-04 Bogdan Pintea"Route :" prefix (and separator) is used some more...
2008-04-17 Nils Ohlmeierfixed bug which treated local IP with non-listening...
2007-08-24 Vaclav Kubartis_2rr moved into rr parser to allow its usage from...
2007-01-31 Michal MatyskaCloses SER-214
2006-10-27 Nils OhlmeierImproved algorithm to distinguish between loose and...
2006-09-05 Nils OhlmeierFixed wrong removale of a Route header in case of
2006-07-24 Jan Janak- spurious debugging messages removed
2006-07-24 Jan Janak- check for domains also in domain module if present...
2006-03-18 Michal MatyskaModule param next_route_avp introduced.
2006-02-16 Tomas Mandys- cookie_secret param added
2006-02-16 Tomas Mandys- rr_add_avp_cookie uses avp_parser and supports comma...
2006-01-30 Tomas Mandys- Cpp comments changed to C ones
2006-01-08 Michal Matyska/tmp/cvsQUKKab
2006-01-08 Tomas Mandys- adjusted to new AVP aip
2005-12-12 Tomas Mandys- rocord_route/loose_route cookie support (for AVP_CLAS...
2005-05-31 Jan Janak- fixed return value problem when double-record routing...
2005-02-23 Andrei Pelinescu... - changed parse_headers api, HDR_xxx split into HDR_xxx...
2004-12-03 Jan Janak- fixed return value of loose_route when a message...
2004-11-13 Jan Janak- Handling of pre-loaded route set fixed
2004-09-03 Jan Janakloose_route now returns 1 whenever record-routing is...
2004-09-01 Jan JanakThe core makes a copy of dst_uri.
2004-08-24 Jan Janak- Spelling checked
2003-10-30 Andrei Pelinescu... - fixed complation problems (re-updated rr to the new...
2003-10-29 Daniel-Constantin... - b2b username is no longer added into a RR
2003-10-21 Andrei Pelinescu... - aliases proto support
2003-10-20 Andrei Pelinescu... - added body_lumps (jan patches + some changes)
2003-07-15 Daniel-Constantin... - support for user part of URI checking (compile it...
2003-06-29 Jan Janak- another rr bug fixed.
2003-06-25 Jan Janak- loop bug caused by rr fixed
2003-06-05 Jan Janak- find_last_route bug fixed
2003-05-09 Jan Janak- ZSW added
2003-04-28 Jan Janak- ZSW escaping
2003-04-17 Jan Janak- fixed bug reported by Michael Haberler -- ser crashes...
2003-04-08 Jan Janakloose_route now returns 1 if the destination was change...
2003-04-07 Jan JanakOne more bug fixed.
2003-04-06 Jan Janakbug in is_2rr fixed
2003-04-04 Jan JanakMany bugs fixed (and possibly new introduced :-)
2003-04-03 Jan Janak- 2rr works now using 2 anchors
2003-04-03 Jan Janak- r2 parameter added to rrs if necessarry
2003-04-02 Jan Janak- Changed to use substituting lumps
2003-03-31 Jan JanakAdapted to use nameaddr.len
2003-03-31 Jan Janak- readme updated
2003-03-27 Jan JanakUses new rr parser.
2003-03-26 Jan Janakfind_not_quoted moved to parser/parser_f.h
2003-03-16 Jan Janakget_realm replaced with parse_uri
2003-02-28 Jiri Kuthanelderly (un)defs junked (hopefuly the right ones)
2003-01-27 Jiri Kuthanparser changed to make body to point to body (w/o LWS...
2003-01-23 Jan JanakAllocated memory will be freed when *new_lump* fails...
2002-12-17 Jan Janakparse_uri cleanup
2002-12-10 Jan JanakAdded new variable - use_fast_cmp
2002-12-02 Jan JanakMinor beautifications.
2002-11-14 Jan JanakAdded loose routing support, module interface has changed,