Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
[sip-router] / parser / parse_param.h
2009-03-20 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_core_cvs'
2009-03-19 Jan JanakRename Contact parameter 'method' to 'methods'
2009-03-17 Jan JanakExtend the parser parameter with support for dialog...
2009-03-02 Henning WesterholtMerge branch 'cr_filtered' into cr
2009-02-19 Jan JanakMerge db_berkeley modules from kamailio trunk into...
2009-02-18 Jan JanakMerge branch kamailio/trunk/db_flatstore into sip-route...
2009-02-17 Jan JanakMerge db_postgres module from kamailio/trunk into db_po...
2009-02-16 Jan JanakMerge ... kamaililo db_mysql module history into the...
2009-02-15 Jan JanakMerge commit 'cvs/head' into flatstore
2009-02-15 Jan JanakMerge commit 'pg/master' into postgres
2009-02-15 Jan JanakMerge commit 'berkeley/trunk' into bdb
2009-02-13 Jan JanakMerge commit 'ser_mysql/master' into mysql
2009-02-12 Jan JanakMerge commit 'kam/trunk'
2006-11-22 Jan Janak- wrong parameter length fixed, fix provided by Bogdan...
2005-12-25 Jan Janak- ftag parameter support
2005-09-02 Jan Janak- sip.instance parameter support by Nils Ohlmeier
2005-02-26 Jan Janak- Support for dstip and dstport in the parameter parser
2004-09-01 Jan JanakContact header field parser extended to parse "received...
2004-08-24 Jan Janak- Spelling checked
2004-08-13 Jan Janak"method" contact parameter should be "methods", fixed...
2004-04-14 Jan JanakTTL parameter added
2003-04-10 Jan Janak- print_* function don't use stdout anymore
2003-04-07 Jan Janakrr parameters removed (they are in URI now)
2003-04-07 Jan Janak- support for URI parameters
2003-04-07 Jan Janakshm duplication functions
2003-03-31 Jan Janak- duplicate_parameters function added before_kill_repl_add_rm
2003-03-30 Jan JanakAdded total lenght of the parameters, including = and ""
2003-03-25 Jan Janak- parameter parser extracted from contact parser