2018-02-18 Daniel-Constantin... added developer access section
2018-02-17 Daniel-Constantin... note about personal branches of developers
2018-02-16 Federico CabidduMerge pull request #1444 from grumvalski/redis_server_l...
2018-02-16 grumvalskindb_redis: fix check on server name len when adding... 1444/head
2018-02-16 Daniel-Constantin... presence: keep first dialog node reference to compare...
2018-02-16 Daniel-Constantin... db_redis: don't declare vars in for statement
2018-02-15 Mikko Lehtomain.c: fix argument help typo
2018-02-15 Mikko Lehtosiptrace: improve module parameter error logging
2018-02-15 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.groups: acc_json moved to jansson group
2018-02-15 Daniel-Constantin... acc_json: imported first version of README file
2018-02-15 Daniel-Constantin... acc_json: internal lib srdb1 is not needed by the module
2018-02-15 Julien Chavantonacc_json: adding module
2018-02-15 Daniel-Constantin... db_redis: declare variables at beginning of blocks
2018-02-14 Andreas Granigdb_redis: Install redis schema along with module
2018-02-14 Daniel-Constantin... db_redis: update to hiredis.h include path and deal...
2018-02-14 Daniel-Constantin... utils: kamdbctl - updated help message for migrate...
2018-02-14 Daniel-Constantin... core: atomic - updated email addres in warning message
2018-02-14 Andreas GranigMerge pull request #1432 from agranig/agranig/db_redis
2018-02-13 Andreas Granigdb_redis: Use schema files and improve keys def 1432/head
2018-02-13 Daniel-Constantin... core: kemi - exported more core functions
2018-02-13 Daniel-Constantin... ndb_redis: keep reference to server spec string
2018-02-13 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - ndb_redis ... ...
2018-02-13 Giacomo Vaccandb_redis: dynamic discovery of nodes
2018-02-13 Daniel-Constantin... tls: small updates to tls config
2018-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... presence: return on having a full match on states in...
2018-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... presence: check if all related dialog states are terminated
2018-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... topos: revert "topos: set uuid fields before checking...
2018-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... core: kemi - eol for debug message
2018-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... app_lua: do lua_checkstack() to ensure enough capacity...
2018-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #1431 from kamailio/active-watcher...
2018-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... presence: set user agent db field to empty string if...
2018-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... rr: removed unused variable after spliting code into...
2018-02-10 Daniel-Constantin... tmx: allocate space to store ending 0 for branch value
2018-02-09 lazedokazoo: verify timer
2018-02-09 lazedokazoo: fix blocked sockets & zones
2018-02-09 Charles ChanceMerge pull request #1435 from kamailio/cchance/presence
2018-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... note about formatting the code
2018-02-09 lazedoschema: allow null value for active_watchers user-agent... 1431/head
2018-02-09 Charles Chancepresence: delay freeing generated etag string 1435/head
2018-02-08 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.groups: pua_json added to json group
2018-02-08 Daniel-Constantin... pua_json: better detection of paths for json-c library
2018-02-08 Daniel-Constantin... rtpengine: get again body pointer only when read_sdp_pv...
2018-02-08 Andreas Granigdb_redis: Implement db_redis generic db driver
2018-02-08 Emmanuel Schmidbauerpua_json: remove contributors from source
2018-02-08 Emmanuel SchmidbauerMerge pull request #1424 from kamailio/eschmidbauer...
2018-02-08 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - textops ... [skip ci]
2018-02-08 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #1423 from kamailio/textops_in_list_...
2018-02-08 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - uac ... [skip ci]
2018-02-08 Victor Sevacore: fix typos
2018-02-08 Victor Sevauid_gflags: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevauac: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevatsilo: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevasipcapture: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevaseas: fix typos
2018-02-08 Victor Sevartjson: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevapipelimit: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevapermissions: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevapath: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevap_usrloc: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevamsrp: fix typo
2018-02-08 Victor Sevajsonrpcs: fix typos
2018-02-08 Victor Sevadrouting: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevadomain: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevadb2_ops: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevactl: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevacfg_rpc: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaavpops: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaavp: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaauth_xkeys: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaauth_diameter: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaacc_diameter: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevapua_rpc: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevapresence: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaims_registrar_scscf: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaims_dialog: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevaims_charging: fix typo
2018-02-07 Victor Sevacdp: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevatopos_redis: fix typos
2018-02-07 Victor Sevacarrierroute: fix typo
2018-02-07 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - rr ... [skip ci]
2018-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... rr: documentation for force_send_socket parameter
2018-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... rr: new parameter force_send_socket
2018-02-07 Guillem Joverpkg/kamailio/deb: wait for kamailio to exit before...
2018-02-06 Daniel-Constantin... maxfwd: exported is_maxfw_lt() to kemi framework
2018-02-06 Daniel-Constantin... maxfwd: remove useless asign in is_maxfwd_lt()
2018-02-05 Juha Heinanenlcr: fixed checking if there is more uris available...
2018-02-02 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - textops ... [skip ci]
2018-02-02 Ovidiu Sastextops: documentation updated for is_audio_on_hold()
2018-02-02 Ovidiu Sastextops: is_audio_on_hold() returns hold type
2018-02-02 Ovidiu Sasparser/sdp: distinguish between RFC2543 and RFC3264...
2018-02-02 Ovidiu Sastextops: update documentation for is_audio_on_hold()
2018-02-02 Daniel-Constantin... app_squirrel: imported last version of squirrel interpreter
2018-02-01 Emmanuel Schmidbauerpua_json: new module to update presence using JSON... 1424/head
2018-02-01 Emmanuel Schmidbauerpresence: pass `replace` parameter to force hard presen...
2018-02-01 Daniel-Constantin... misc/examples/kemi: convert port to string in log messages
2018-02-01 Emmanuel SchmidbauerMerge pull request #1417 from kamailio/presence-api
2018-02-01 Vicente Hernandotextops: function in_list_prefix textops_in_list_prefix_function 1423/head
2018-02-01 Vicente Hernandotextops: mismatch parenthesis in doc
2018-02-01 Charles Chancepresence: presentity table version updated to 5
2018-01-31 Kamailio Devmodules: readme files regenerated - app_python ......