2016-02-18 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: more coherent use of curly braces for...
2016-02-18 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #503 from smititelu/SIPPROXY-195
2016-02-17 Daniel-Constantin... mtree: coherent indentation
2016-02-16 Hugh Waitehttp_client: Updated copyright in README
2016-02-16 Hugh Waitepv: Fix crash when xavp has no attributes
2016-02-16 Richard Goodmodules/ims_registrar_pcscf: Check if we subscribe...
2016-02-16 Camille Oudothttp_async_query: update README
2016-02-16 Camille Oudothttp_async_query: fix function name in doc
2016-02-16 Camille Oudothttp_async_client: $http_req returns $null when read
2016-02-15 Camille Oudothttp_async_client: update README
2016-02-15 Camille Oudothttp_async_client: update doc with $http_req(key)
2016-02-15 Camille Oudothttp_async_client: new $http_req() PV
2016-02-15 Giacomo Vaccahttp_async_client: minor indentation changes
2016-02-15 Giacomo Vaccahttp_async_client: review doc with correct module name
2016-02-15 Giacomo Vaccahttp_async_client: review tls-related param names and...
2016-02-15 Giacomo Vaccahttp_async_client: refactor query string param setting
2016-02-15 Giacomo Vaccahttp_async_client: Fix minor avp doc typo (http_err)
2016-02-13 Olle E. Johanssonhttp_async_client Add doxygen templates
2016-02-13 Olle E. JohanssonNEWS update with link to 4.4.x
2016-02-13 Olle E. JohanssonISSUES add link to Github
2016-02-12 Olle E. JohanssonINSTALL Remove flavours and ser/serctl
2016-02-12 Olle E. Johanssonreadme minor updates
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_registrar_scscf: fixed segfault on multiple...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: remove double unref on dialog
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_usrloc_scscf: added support for UE types...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeeRevert "modules/ims_registrar_scscf: new function to...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_registrar_scscf: new function to pass extra...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_registrar_scscf: new function to pass extra...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: release lock on error condition
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: pass reason to terminate function
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: release lock in error conditions
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: changed log line from ERR to DBG
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: fixed dialog stats
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/ims_dialog: added extra info to log line -...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/cdp: update last used time when sending diamete...
2016-02-12 jaybeepeemodules/cdp: changed WARN log to DBG
2016-02-12 Daniel-Constantin... seas: safety check for target buffer size before copyin...
2016-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... registrar: send 400 if the reg-id value is invalid
2016-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... tls: debug messages for mutex ops with lock function
2016-02-11 jaybeepeemodules/ims_registrar_pcscf: fix rank for forked proces...
2016-02-11 jaybeepeemodules/ims_registrar_pcscf: fix rank for forked proces...
2016-02-11 jaybeepeemodules/ims_charging: clean from uri to remove paramete...
2016-02-11 jaybeepeemodules/ims_charging: changed log line from ERR to DBG
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... examples: updated ims configs to use ims_dialog module
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_charging: updated docs for dependency on ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_dialog: updated the docs to reflect the module...
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_qos: updates short part to ims_dialog module
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_charging: updated short path to ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... snmpstas: detect if ims_dialog module is loaded
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_dialog: Makefile update after rename
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_dialog: updated names for doc files
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_dialog: set the inner name after rename
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_usrloc_scscf: include path updated for ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_registrar_scscf: updates for renaming ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_qos: updates for ims_dialog renaming
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_icscf: updates for ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_charging: updates for ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_auth: updates for ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.groups: renamed dialog_ng to ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... ims_dialog: renamed the main file of the module to...
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... dialog_ng: renamed to ims_dialog
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #504 from kamailio/co/tcp_closed_eve...
2016-02-09 Daniel-Constantin... etc/kamailio.cfg: small polishings
2016-02-08 Camille Oudottcpops: update README co/tcp_closed_event_enhancements co/tcp_closed_event_enhancements-8bf03256 504/head
2016-02-08 Camille Oudottcpops: add "disabled mode" to closed_event param
2016-02-08 Stefan Mititelutmx: Update doku 503/head
2016-02-08 Stefan Mititelutmx: Add t_is_request_route() config function
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... auth_db: use username when querying for credentials...
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... presence_mwi: fixed indentation and trailing whitespaces
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... presence_mwi: static declaration for inline function...
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... auth_db: removed trailing spaces for sane git diff
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... acc: regenerated the readme from latest docbook
2016-02-07 Daniel-Constantin... ims_registrar_scscf: added the readme
2016-02-07 Juha Heinanenmodules/tmx: regenerated README
2016-02-05 Daniel-Constantin... corex: fix regression introduced with detection of...
2016-02-04 Hugh Waitehttp_client: documentation
2016-02-04 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set to 4.4.0-pre0
2016-02-04 Hugh Waitehttp_client: Rename C API functions following module...
2016-02-04 Hugh Waitehttp_client: Fix build with older versions of libcurl
2016-02-04 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.defs: version set to 4.4.0-pre0
2016-02-04 Juha Heinanencore: avoid compiler warning about variable cl being...
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... sipcapture: docs for topoh_unmask parameter
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... sipcapture: new parameter topoh_unmask
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... sipcapture: removed trailing whitespaces
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... sipcapture: coherent indentation
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... topoh: exported inter-module api
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... siputils: docs for sip_p_charging_vector() function
2016-02-03 Emmanuel BUUsiputils: exported $pcv(name) var and sip_p_charing_vec...
2016-02-03 Emmanuel BUUsiputils: p-charging-vector header management
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: pi framework xml definition update
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #489 from mslehto/valuesh
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #486 from kamailio/lazedo/presence_i...
2016-02-03 Mikko Lehtomodules/ims_icscf: use INT_MAX instead of MAXINT 489/head
2016-02-03 Hugh Waitehttp_client: Clean up connection parameter definitions
2016-02-03 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: update version to 4.4.0~dev9
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.defs: version set to 4.4.0-dev9
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.groups: group for http_async module
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... topos: update sip headers for initial request forwarding
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: refreshed db creation scripts
2016-02-03 Daniel-Constantin... lib/srdb1: updated xml shemas for topos tables