2010-06-24 Timo Reimannmodules_k/dialog: Fix timer reset and improve timeout...
2010-06-24 Ovidiu Sasmodules_k/dialog: rpc interface fixes
2010-06-24 Timo ReimannCorrect typo in comment referring to other file.
2010-06-24 Timo Reimannmodules_k/dialog: Reduce log verbosity for list travers...
2010-06-23 Ovidiu Sasmodules_k/dialog: rpc support
2010-06-23 Miklos Tirpakdns cache: dns_cache_rec_pref without #define CACHE_REL...
2010-06-23 Miklos Tirpakdns cache: dns_cache_rec_pref config var added
2010-06-23 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: dns.view RPC command fix
2010-06-23 Timo ReimannDo not consider in-early-dialog requests to be bogus.
2010-06-20 Juha Heinanenmodules/mediaproxy: Fix SDP mangling for unsupported...
2010-06-18 Andrei Pelinescu... core: MATCH op fix for ip comparisons with RVEs
2010-06-18 Andrei Pelinescu... core: fix selects in optimized rvalue expressions
2010-06-18 Andrei Pelinescu... core: network addresses in ip rve comparisons
2010-06-18 Andrei Pelinescu... core: functions for parsing a network address
2010-06-17 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: fixed bsearch argument plus doc improvements
2010-06-16 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: reply the rpc command only once
2010-06-16 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: remove unused err_flags variable
2010-06-16 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: minor fix, goto instead of break
2010-06-16 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: added support for permanent entries
2010-06-16 Miklos Tirpakdns_cache: dns_cache_delete_single_record() added
2010-06-16 Marius ZbihleiAlways set data payload to NULL, thus avoiding problems...
2010-06-15 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: quiet output by default
2010-06-15 Andrei Pelinescu... cfg parsing: disable non constant rval in ip compariso...
2010-06-15 Andrei Pelinescu... core: futexlock compilation workaround for OpenSuse...
2010-06-15 Henning Westerholtdbg(s): remove module, as its functionality is also...
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... *_radius(s): doc: update to the new doc makefile format
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth_*(s): updated auth_api and header file name
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth_*(k): updated auth_api and header file name
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth(k): s/auth_api/auth_api_k & s/bind_auth/bind_auth_k
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth(s): s/auth_api/auth_api_s & s/bind_auth/bind_auth_s
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth_radius(s), avp_radius(s), uri_radius(s): revived
2010-06-14 Andrei Pelinescu... auth_radius,misc_radius: mv back to modules_k
2010-06-14 Juha Heinanenmodules_k/siputils: added is_e164(pv) function
2010-06-14 Miklos Tirpakshm_regex lib: locks added around the regular expression
2010-06-10 Juha Heinanenlib/srdb1/schema: replaced lcr schema files
2010-06-10 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: major rewrite
2010-06-09 Juha Heinanenmodules/mediaproxy: ICE fixes
2010-06-07 Jon BonillaPKG Debian
2010-06-01 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: fixed log message
2010-06-01 Juha Heinanenmodules_k/textops: fixed typo in starts_with() example
2010-05-30 Daniel-Constantin... srdb1: updated entities.xml path in db schema
2010-05-30 Daniel-Constantin... db_berkeley: get rid of compile warnings
2010-05-30 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_server: removed duplicated docs
2010-05-28 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: Simpler implementation of next_gw() function
2010-05-28 Juha Heinanenmodules/tm: new implementation of load_contacts()/next_...
2010-05-28 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge remote branch 'origin/tmp/ruri_branch'
2010-05-28 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_server: relaxed detection of auid type from path
2010-05-27 Henning Westerholtcr: fix error in documentation related to failure_route
2010-05-27 Andrei Pelinescu... modules*: mark r-uri as "new" when changed
2010-05-27 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: failure route start with r-uri marked as "consumed"
2010-05-27 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: use ruri for forking only if marked as "new"
2010-05-27 Andrei Pelinescu... core: mark uri as new on new message or seturi()
2010-05-27 Andrei Pelinescu... core: support for marking a "consumed" r-uri
2010-05-26 Miklos Tirpaktextops: change_reply_status() added
2010-05-26 Marius Zbihleimodules/carrierroute Improved usefulness of error messa...
2010-05-26 Marius Zbihleimodules/carrierroute In case of incorrect avp value...
2010-05-26 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_server: add extra headers to reply
2010-05-26 Daniel-Constantin... pv: added $rv returning protocol version
2010-05-26 Daniel-Constantin... xhttp: added supported version
2010-05-26 Miklos Tirpaktm: support for changing the reply status in the script
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... core: socket_str enclose IPv6 addresses in betwen [ ]
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_server: new module providing xcap server functinality
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... xhttp: new module to handle http requests
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... tcp: filled description of tcp_accept_no_cl
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... tcp: new parameter to accept messages without CL
2010-05-25 Daniel-Constantin... xmlrpc: new parameter - mode
2010-05-20 Henning Westerholtfix memset call, set the variable to zero, not to the...
2010-05-20 Marius ZbihleiExtended kamctl with new features built over sercmd:
2010-05-19 Miklos Tirpakcore: bit conting and testing functions
2010-05-16 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: caller_uri argument of load_gws() is now...
2010-05-14 Ovidiu Sassdp parser: fix sdp payload attributes cloning
2010-05-13 Daniel-Constantin... registrar(k): reset dst uri in lookup
2010-05-13 Ovidiu Sassdp parser: remove dead code
2010-05-11 Daniel-Constantin... tmx: fixed copy and paste error
2010-05-11 Daniel-Constantin... tmx: documentation updated
2010-05-11 Daniel-Constantin... tmx: two new functions for transaction control
2010-05-11 Daniel-Constantin... tm: internal t_reply exported via API
2010-05-11 Juha Heinanenmodules/mediaproxy: removed error message
2010-05-09 Juha Heinanenmodules_k/permissions: fixed reloading of address table
2010-05-06 Daniel-Constantin... avposp: use state in searching first avp in avp_copy
2010-05-06 Daniel-Constantin... tm: use direct assignment to exported API
2010-05-06 Daniel-Constantin... tm: removed the defines of cfg and api functions
2010-05-06 Daniel-Constantin... dispatcher(k): allow functions from route block
2010-05-04 Marius Zbihleicore:sr_module.c increased number of pre-allocated...
2010-05-04 Daniel-Constantin... mtree: fixed len check for dbtable attribute
2010-05-04 Marius ZbihleiModules:carrierroute: Fixed a bug in carrirroute module...
2010-04-28 Ovidiu Sasmodules_k/ratelimit: adding rpc interface
2010-04-27 Marius Zbihleilib/srdb1 The RES_ROW(res) was not checked to be NULL...
2010-04-27 Juha Heinanenmodules/mediaproxy: crash fix
2010-04-26 Henning Westerholthtable(k): add a note about the htable size enforcement...
2010-04-25 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: new feature added and old one removed
2010-04-23 Daniel-Constantin... cfg: extended preprocessor directives
2010-04-23 Juha Heinanenutils/kamctl: cleaned up lcr commands
2010-04-23 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: added URI parameters gateway attribute
2010-04-23 Henning Westerholtfix typo in man page, reported from Juha
2010-04-23 Daniel-Constantin... core - tm: improved log messages
2010-04-23 Juha Heinanenutils/kamctl/kamctl.8: removed obsolete text
2010-04-23 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: load_gws() return value tells if any match...
2010-04-22 Marius Zbihleidoc: Removed hardoded kamctl value and replaced it...
2010-04-22 Daniel-Constantin... dialog(k): populate bind addr before any error