2013-07-04 Daniel-Constantin... textopsx: enable usage of msg_apply_changes() for sip...
2013-07-04 Daniel-Constantin... core: helper function to generate sip reply content...
2013-07-04 Daniel-Constantin... tm: avoid double execution of response-in callbacks
2013-07-04 Daniel-Constantin... core: new internam sip msg flag FL_TM_RPL_MATCHED
2013-07-04 Hugh Waitemodules/websocket: Fix connection leaks
2013-07-04 Hugh Waitecore: Fix connection leak with websockets
2013-07-04 Hugh Waitecore: Improve tcp stats output
2013-07-04 Hugh Waitemodules/websocket: Fix pkg memory leaks
2013-07-04 Hugh Waitemodules/tls: Free TLS data for secure websocket connections
2013-07-03 Daniel-Constantin... uac_redirect: fetch all contact headers in redirect...
2013-07-02 Daniel-Constantin... dialog: detect if no trasaction is created after config...
2013-07-02 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio-basic.cfg: added basic cfg config file
2013-07-01 Daniel-Constantin... dialog: increment cseq in early stage for PRACK and...
2013-07-01 Daniel-Constantin... dialog: avoid realloc of memory for cseq when setting...
2013-07-01 Daniel-Constantin... dialog: fixed callee cseq reference
2013-07-01 Victor Sevacore: Also consider PROTO_WS(S) in forward().
2013-07-01 Richard Gooddialog_ng: include dialog function dlg_get in dialog_ng
2013-06-30 Henning Westerholtmemcached: document new memory parameter for memory...
2013-06-30 Henning Westerholtmemcached: update module docs, patch from Charles Chanc...
2013-06-30 Henning Westerholtmemcached: fix crash during shutdown, make used memory...
2013-06-25 Richard Goodmodules/ims_icscf: updated documentation
2013-06-25 Richard Goodmodules/ims_auth: updated documentation
2013-06-25 Richard GoodIMS example config files: update icscf and scscf config...
2013-06-25 Richard Goodmodules/ims_icscf: execute route block on async reply...
2013-06-25 Richard Goodmodules/ims_auth: execute route block on async reply...
2013-06-25 Richard Goodmodules/ims_registrar_scscf: execute route block on...
2013-06-25 Daniel-Constantin... core: allow c++ style of one line comments
2013-06-24 Carsten Bockexamples: Make S-CSCF more quiet
2013-06-24 Carsten Bockauth_ims: New option to store authentication vectors...
2013-06-24 Carsten BockAdded missing parameters to documentation
2013-06-24 Carsten BockFixed Editor note
2013-06-24 Jason Pentonmodules/ims_registrar_scscf: execute route block on...
2013-06-22 Daniel-Constantin... auth: set ids for elements in the documentation
2013-06-20 Carlos Ruiz... Added support to limit number of calls per customer...
2013-06-20 Victor Sevamodules/dialplan: allow xavp vars as parameters.
2013-06-20 Victor Sevamodules/dialplan: use pv_cache_get function instead...
2013-06-17 Daniel-Constantin... pv: $xavp(name) is marked as PVT_XAVP type
2013-06-17 Daniel-Constantin... core: define PVT_XAVP as type for xavp pseudo-variables
2013-06-17 Daniel-Constantin... pipelimit: fixed typo in module parameter name
2013-06-17 Victor Sevamodules/app_lua: fixed runtime warning: exports dlflags...
2013-06-16 Daniel-Constantin... topoh: safety check for To header
2013-06-16 Daniel-Constantin... mtree: fixed typo in log function name
2013-06-16 Daniel-Constantin... core: added function to get the pv cache table
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: new commands can be defined in separate files
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: set internal version to 4.1.0
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... tm: readme updated based on latest docbook
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... tm: documented dn_reuse_rcv_socket parameter
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... tm: new module parameter - dns_reuse_rcv_socket
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... tm: copy tm routing blocks ids for new branches added...
2013-06-15 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: route subscribe for event message-summary...
2013-06-14 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: added show command to display user attributes...
2013-06-12 Victor Sevacore: do not repeat key names on xavp_get_list_key_name...
2013-06-12 Daniel-Constantin... mtree: print more details if the record in db is broken
2013-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... mtree: make log message on not maching character a...
2013-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... registrar: readme regenerated
2013-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... registrar: fixed typo in example of xavp_rcd parameter
2013-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... registrar: more debug messages when adding ruid xavp
2013-06-11 Camille Oudotmodules/ims_isc: several safety checks
2013-06-11 Camille Oudotmodules/ims_isc: fix several compiler warnings
2013-06-10 Vicente Hernandoapp_lua: solve crash when setting a variable not conver...
2013-06-10 Camille Oudotmodules/ims_registrar_scscf: safety check for log line...
2013-06-07 Ovidiu SasMakefile: update de-stable target: squeeze -> wheezy
2013-06-06 Ovidiu Sasregistrar: print bogus AoR in error log
2013-06-06 Daniel-Constantin... acc_radius: exit at startup if radius_config is not set
2013-06-06 Daniel-Constantin... cfgutils: updated docs to specify correct time unit...
2013-06-06 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: reset $du for voicemail re-routing in...
2013-06-06 Daniel-Constantin... siputils: added new function is_first_hop()
2013-06-05 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: few updates related to nat traversal
2013-06-05 Jason Pentonmodule/ims_auth: protection against crash if there...
2013-06-05 Jason Pentonmodules/ims_isc: Add support for P-Serverd-User header
2013-06-04 Daniel-Constantin... sercmd: pass OS define at compile time
2013-06-04 Daniel-Constantin... sercmd: possibility to enable EXTRA_DEBUG via compile...
2013-06-04 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: use pv_cache_get
2013-06-03 Klaus Darilionmodules/auth_db: regenerate README
2013-06-03 Klaus Darilionmodules/auth_db: document authentication return values
2013-06-03 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile: added install-initd-centos target
2013-06-03 Daniel-Constantin... dialog: shift next timer run for keepalives of dialog
2013-06-03 Victor Sevamodules/debugger: fixed last commit.
2013-06-03 Victor Sevamodules/debugger: new parameter log_assign
2013-06-03 Elena-Ramona... htable: documented the new rpc commands
2013-06-03 Elena-Ramona... htable: added rpc commands for setting items in a hash...
2013-06-01 Juha Heinanenmodules/usrloc: rpc statistics command update
2013-05-31 Daniel-Constantin... pua: release lock on not finding temp dialog
2013-05-30 Daniel-Constantin... core: don't free pvar spec - is reference to cache
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitedocumentation: Rebuild all modified READMEs
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteuid_uri_db: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteuid_gflags: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteuid_domain: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteuid_avp_db: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteuid_auth_db: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitexprint: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitexmlops: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitetm: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitetls: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitetimer: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitetextopsx: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitesms: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitesl: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waitesanity: Fix TOC in documentation
2013-05-29 Hugh Waiteprint_lib: Fix TOC in documentation