2009-07-17 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge commit 'origin/ser_modules'
2009-07-17 Andrei Pelinescu... Merge branch 'cvs-head' of ssh://
2009-07-17 Andrei Pelinescu... core: expr =~ fixup order fix
2009-07-17 Jan Janakdomain: Documentation of internal API
2009-07-17 Jan Janakdomain: Add internal function is_domain_local
2009-07-17 Jan Janakdomain: API framework to be used by other modules
2009-07-17 Jan Janakdomain: Source cleanup
2009-07-17 Jan Janakdomain: Boilerplace cleanup
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... core: futexlock include hack for older futex.h
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... ctl(s) doc: added the autoconversion parameter
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s): removed the introspection parameter
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s) doc: note about xmlrpclib bug
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s) doc: added the autoconversion parameter
2009-07-16 Andrei Pelinescu... doc: rpc api documentation updated: the '.' modifier
2009-07-15 Tomas Mandys- socket support
2009-07-15 Andrei Pelinescu... mi_rpc: use autoconversion to string
2009-07-15 Andrei Pelinescu... core: rpc more verbose when duplicates found
2009-07-15 Andrei Pelinescu... core: new debug core rpcs
2009-07-15 Andrei Pelinescu... ctl(s): support for '.' and type autoconversion
2009-07-15 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s): type autoconversion support
2009-07-15 Henning Westerholtfix error in cr dump command, reported from Edson 4list...
2009-07-15 Henning Westerholtbugfix in cr and userblacklist modules (kamailio r5894)
2009-07-15 Tomas Mandys- more -h messages
2009-07-14 Tomas Mandys- minor ERR message improvment
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... tmx(k): remove unnecessary reply locking
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: remove unnecessary locking around prepare_to_cancel()
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: minor improvement
2009-07-14 Juha Heinanenmodules_k/permissions: fixed child initialization
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... tmx(k): updated to the which_cancel change
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: which_cancel renamed and takes more parameters
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... presence_b2b: fix from & to header access
2009-07-14 Andrei Pelinescu... rr: fix from header access
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... sercmd: updated to the new mi_rpc format
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... mi_rpc: support for different "modes"
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s): added rpc client examples
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... mi_rpc: mi returns always an array
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc(s): fix '*' rpc_scan handling
2009-07-13 Miklos Tirpakcfg framework: readme correction
2009-07-13 Miklos Tirpakcfg framework: fix the group handles in the main process
2009-07-13 Andrei Pelinescu... core: deleted test.c.bak
2009-07-13 Daniel-Constantin... seas: use TMCB_DESTROY tm callback
2009-07-13 darilionMakefile: fix module names
2009-07-13 dariliondebian: fix rules file
2009-07-13 Juha Heinanenmodules_s/domain: is_local can now be called from BRANC...
2009-07-10 Miklos Tirpaktm: reason phrase of 100 is corrected in t_suspend()
2009-07-10 Miklos Tirpaktm: check whether or not 100 response has already been...
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... siptrace: removed trailing whitespaces
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... siptrace: module facelift
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... tm: enabbled TMCB_ONSEND
2009-07-09 Andrei Pelinescu... debian: various fixes and cleanups
2009-07-09 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: fix group_include
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... siptrace(k): some updates to work with sip-router core
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... nat_traversal(k): module compiles with sip-router core
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... core: temporary sip_msg flags reserved for K moved...
2009-07-09 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: dbtext(s) removed from the db group
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... core: backup/restore script flags
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... table: drop in event_route[htable:mod-init]
2009-07-09 Daniel-Constantin... core: run_top_route() can be give action context
2009-07-08 Daniel-Constantin... core: internal difference between cfg drop and exit
2009-07-08 Daniel-Constantin... kex: several K core stats implemented in callbacks
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: more modules groups and make modules-all
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... prefix_route(s): fix: the lock should be in shm
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... prefix_route(s): fix mod_destroy/tree_close()
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... debian: updated debian spec for sip-router
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: fix make cfg when the cfg vars are already...
2009-07-08 Andrei Pelinescu... core: derive default config name from -DNAME
2009-07-07 Raul Alexis... drouting: Updated documentation
2009-07-07 Raul Alexis... Merge commit 'origin/rbetancor/drouting'
2009-07-07 Raul Alexis... drouting: blacklist functions remove
2009-07-06 Andrei Pelinescu... xmlrpc: propagate route error exit
2009-07-06 Andrei Pelinescu... core: error handling for non-sip hooks
2009-07-06 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: t_reply() first param. can be any var. type
2009-07-06 Andrei Pelinescu... core: pvars support in ser *var fixups
2009-07-06 Juha Heinanenmodules_s/domain: log message level changes
2009-07-05 Juha Heinanenscripts/mysql: updated 'gw' and 'lcr' table definitions
2009-07-05 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: added 'defunct' column to 'gw' table
2009-07-04 Juha Heinanen* modules_s/xmlrpc: allow use of k ls module api
2009-07-04 Daniel-Constantin... tm: fix cloning parsed uri for to/from headers
2009-07-04 Juha Heinanenmodules_s/xmlrpc: fixed typo in name of module parameter
2009-07-03 Daniel-Constantin... core: km_parse_avp_spec() update
2009-07-03 Daniel-Constantin... makefile: removed avpops from exclude modules
2009-07-03 Juha Heinanenlib/srdb2: marked four db flags as "reserved"
2009-07-03 Juha Heinanenman pages: editorial changes
2009-07-03 Andrei Pelinescu... cfg framework: fix sanity checks (again)
2009-07-03 Jan Janakdomain: Documentation update
2009-07-03 Klaus Darilion- tm: document the unmatched_cancel parameter
2009-07-03 Klaus DarilionMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-07-03 Andrei Pelinescu... mangler(s): fixed missing var. definitions
2009-07-03 Henning Westerholttest: fix test 13, avp name for domain
2009-07-03 Henning Westerholtcore: add openser database URL for compatibility, used...
2009-07-03 Henning Westerholttest: fix ctl and dbctl script path after import
2009-07-03 Klaus DarilionRevert "according to Di-Shi are K's and ser's osp modul...
2009-07-02 sobomaxFORCE_RTP_PROXY_ERET -> FORCE_RTP_PROXY_RET for clarity.
2009-07-02 sobomaxForgot to update parameters of the send_rtpp_command...
2009-07-02 sobomaxRework fix for the static buffer overflow with the...
2009-07-02 sobomaxRework fix for the static buffer overflow with the...
2009-07-02 Raul Alexis... Merge branch 'master' into drouting
2009-07-02 Raul Alexis... drouting: Now the module compiles, but it's not tested
2009-07-02 Raul Alexis... drouting:
2009-07-02 Miklos Tirpaktm: suspended transaction was not always replied and...