2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleymodules/registrar: add Require: outbound to 200 OK...
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleylib/kcore: added parser for Require: header
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleyparser: updated for parse_supported refactoring
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleymodules/sst: updated for parse_supported refactoring
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleymodules/rls: updated for parse_supported refactoring
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleymodules/registrar: updated for parse_supported refactoring
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleymodules/ims_registrar_scscf: updated for parse_supporte...
2013-02-27 Peter Dunkleylib/kcore: abstracted the option-tag parsing code out...
2013-02-27 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.defs: version set to 4.1.0-dev0
2013-02-25 Daniel-Constantin... core: parser - function to proper handling multipart...
2013-02-25 Daniel-Constantin... siputils: completed the function to return RURI paramet...
2013-02-24 Olle E. Johanssonsnmpstats add support for ws, wss and sctp transports
2013-02-24 Olle E. Johanssonsnmpstats Add missing SIP response codes
2013-02-24 Olle E. Johanssonsnmpstats fix typo
2013-02-23 Marius ZbihleiAdded own _strnstr method as strnstr is BSD only
2013-02-22 Andrew Mortensensca: return true if no Contact header is found in an...
2013-02-22 Andrew Mortensensca: log at debug level when reporting lack of Contact...
2013-02-22 Andrew Mortensensca: ensure SCA caller has correct callee CLI when...
2013-02-21 Andrew Mortensensca: remove misleading comment.
2013-02-21 Konstantin... app_python: Bugfix for rewrite_ruri
2013-02-21 Andrew Mortensensca: prevent possible NULL-dereference in log message...
2013-02-21 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: fixed typos to speeddial
2013-02-21 Daniel-Constantin... tm: add Max-Forwards header to local requests if not...
2013-02-21 Daniel-Constantin... core: dns - prevent queries for IPv4/6 address literals
2013-02-20 Daniel-Constantin... Makefile.defs: version set to 4.0.0-pre2
2013-02-20 Peter Dunkleymodules/outbound: Fix core dump crash
2013-02-20 Peter Dunkleymodules/outbound: Fixes the crash but is logically...
2013-02-19 Olle E. Johanssonoutbound Fix core dump crash
2013-02-18 Olle E. Johanssonmaxfwd The default value is not 256, it's 16 in the...
2013-02-18 Richard Gooddialog_ng: changed LM_ERR to LM_DBG in dlg_hash.c
2013-02-16 Ovidiu Sasrtpproxy: when adding ICE relay candidates, always...
2013-02-16 Ovidiu Sassdp: fix TABS and whitespaces
2013-02-15 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_rpc: cosmetic updates to header's web page
2013-02-15 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: fix default value for xhttp_pi_root param
2013-02-12 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: remove unused variable
2013-02-12 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: remove unused variable
2013-02-12 Alexandr Dubovikovmodules:sipcapture fixed LM_ERR. Sorry :-(
2013-02-11 Daniel-Constantin... msrp: return proper value for $msrp(code)
2013-02-09 Konstantin... app_python: fixed compilation errors and warnings.
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonimc README updates. Configuration files works with...
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssondb_text change "openser" and minor edits
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonmaxfwd Update README, fix typos
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonmangler Update README for readability
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonldap Add the README
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonldap Convert an "a" to an "o"
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonkex Fix copy/paste typos and minor edits for readability
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonipops Minor updates to README
2013-02-08 Olle E. Johanssonmi_fifo Typo fixes mostly
2013-02-07 Olle E. JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-02-07 Olle E. Johanssonoutbound - Fix typos in example configuration
2013-02-07 Giacomo Vaccaregistrar: Fixed typo in event_route name, 'usrloc...
2013-02-07 Olle E. Johanssonsiptrace Fix bug in documentation
2013-02-07 Olle E. Johanssonsipcapture - update example configuration
2013-02-07 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: documentation updates
2013-02-07 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_rpc: documentation updates
2013-02-06 Richard FuchsRevert "nathelper: add new option sipping_disable_bflag"
2013-02-06 Daniel-Constantin... msilo: safety check for freeing tmp_extra_headers
2013-02-06 Olle E. Johanssonxhttp_rpc Fix typo and minor formatting in README
2013-02-06 Richard Fuchsnathelper: add new option sipping_disable_bflag
2013-02-06 Peter Dunkleymodules/msrp: Fixed typos in MSRP README and added...
2013-02-06 Peter Dunkleymodules/msrp: Fixed error in msrp_cmap_lookup()
2013-02-06 Juha Heinanenmodules/lcr: treat lcr_gw/ip_addr empty string value...
2013-02-05 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: documentation updates
2013-02-04 Ovidiu Saslib/srdb1: while converting strings to int/bigint check...
2013-02-04 Ovidiu Sasims_icscf: getting rid of "defined but not used" compil...
2013-02-03 Ovidiu Sasims_usrloc_pcscf: remove unused variables
2013-02-03 Ovidiu Sasims_usrloc_scscf: remove unused variables
2013-02-02 Ovidiu Sasxhttp_pi: new commands in the pi_framework_sample:
2013-02-01 Andrew Mortensensca: restore correct table version number in db creatio...
2013-02-01 Peter Dunkleymodules/websocket: moved example WebSocket configuratio...
2013-01-30 Andrew Mortensensca: db table version incremented to 1
2013-01-30 Olle E. Johanssontls Small modificiation in tls configuration example
2013-01-30 Carsten BockFix: We trust the IP in the media for calls from the...
2013-01-30 Carsten BockFix linking for the IMS-QOS module
2013-01-30 Carsten BockCleanup of example I-CSCF config.
2013-01-28 Daniel-Constantin... kamailio.cfg: use route(RELAY) instead of t_relay()
2013-01-28 Alex Hermannmodules/sqlops: Check if pv_spec is available before...
2013-01-28 Alex Hermannlib/srdb1: Fix compilation warning on 32-bit architectures
2013-01-27 Olle E. Johanssontls README: Change "ser" and "sip-router" to "kamailio"
2013-01-27 Olle E. Johanssontls Update README with RPC commands
2013-01-26 Olle E. Johanssontls Update of README
2013-01-26 Olle E. Johanssondispatcher - Fix typo in README and add return value...
2013-01-25 Philippe Sultankamctl: added command for management of uid_domain...
2013-01-25 Daniel-Constantin... core: made a wrapper forward_reply_nocb()
2013-01-25 Daniel-Constantin... sl: use forward_reply_nocb() for sl_forward_reply()
2013-01-25 Daniel-Constantin... core: end simple pv name (e.g., $xy) at end of line
2013-01-24 Anca Vamanudb_cassandra: Replaced 'openser' with 'kamailio'
2013-01-24 Daniel-Constantin... core: default compatibility set to SR_COMPAT_MAX
2013-01-23 Matthew WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-01-23 Matthew Williamscorrect url to libjson in json and jsonrpc-c module...
2013-01-23 Peter Dunkleypkg/kamailio/(centos|fedora): Removed old FC16 build
2013-01-23 Daniel-Constantin... lib/srdb1: update custom sql functions for uid tables
2013-01-23 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: added option to grant sql access from a remote...
2013-01-22 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: added option to creat uid-related tables
2013-01-22 Daniel-Constantin... kamctl: cleaned db creation
2013-01-22 Richard Bradyjson: proper handling of empty values for json documents
2013-01-22 Alexandr Dubovikovmodules:sipcapture Added PSQL schema, fixed columns...
2013-01-22 Daniel-Constantin... pua_reginfo: fix setting lengths of contact attributes
2013-01-22 Richard Bradysiputils: fix decode2format fuction to handle ; in...
2013-01-22 Alexandr Dubovikovmodules:sipcapture Changed authorization column to...