2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/db_oracle' of kamailio svn into sip-router...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'utils/db_berkeley' of kamailio svn into sip...
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge '/scripts' of kamailio svn into sip-router/tools
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge 'pkg' of kamailio svn into sip-router/pkg/kamailio
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge '/examples' of kamailio svn into sip-router/examples
2009-06-22 Jan JanakMerge etc/ of kamailio svn into sip-router/etc
2009-06-22 Andrei Pelinescu... tm doc: README re-generated
2009-06-22 Andrei Pelinescu... tm doc: t_check_trans and note about fr_timer_avp
2009-06-22 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: ignore avp timers with 0 or empty value
2009-06-22 Daniel-Constantin... nathelper(k): skip trailing whitespaces and crlf
2009-06-22 Juha Heinanen* core
2009-06-22 Juha Heinanen* modules: lcr
2009-06-22 Juha Heinanen* Core (documentation)
2009-06-22 Daniel-Constantin... kex: fix in mi debug command with no parameter
2009-06-21 Daniel-Constantin... msilo(k): check_message_support() only for REGISTER
2009-06-21 Daniel-Constantin... nathelper(k): support for multipart/mixed body
2009-06-21 Daniel-Constantin... registrar(k): different return codes for successful...
2009-06-19 Juha Heinanen* core
2009-06-17 Juha Heinanen* Small clarification in filter_body text.
2009-06-17 Juha Heinanen* modules_k/textops
2009-06-17 Daniel-Constantin... kex: implemented mi debug command
2009-06-12 Elena-Ramona... htable: more match ops in counting items with $shtcn...
2009-06-12 Elena-Ramona... htable: delete item when assigning $null
2009-06-12 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: documentation for xml_ns parameter
2009-06-12 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: support to handle namespace prefixes
2009-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: safety checks for null node set
2009-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: readme updated
2009-06-11 Andrei Pelinescu... tm: t_check_trans ends script on neg. or local ACK
2009-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: implementation of pv $xml(...)
2009-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... presence_xml: new pv $xml(...)
2009-06-11 Daniel-Constantin... core: pvapi - be consistent in pv_printf_s()
2009-06-11 Miklos Tirpaktm: callbacks: obsolate description is removed.
2009-06-11 Raul Alexis... call_control: changed LM_ macro calls
2009-06-11 Raul Alexis... * Just the call-control module from OpenSIPS ported...
2009-06-10 Jan Janakdb: Fixing problem with incorrect initialization of...
2009-06-09 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_client: proper return code in child init function...
2009-06-09 Juha Heinanen* Closed database connection after two error case....
2009-06-09 Daniel-Constantin... xcap_client: init db con per process
2009-06-09 Daniel-Constantin... htable: replace PV_NAME_PVAR with PV_NAME_OTHER
2009-06-09 Daniel-Constantin... core: fixed pv_get_spec_name()
2009-06-09 Elena-Ramona... xlog(k): readme updated
2009-06-09 Elena-Ramona... xlog(k): replaced LM_GEN1 with LOG_
2009-06-06 Juha Heinanen* Slit db query result check to query check and result...
2009-06-06 Juha Heinanen* Database query result was not freed when there was...
2009-06-05 Andrei Pelinescu... core: regex fixup fix for k modules
2009-06-04 Jan Janaktm: Document fr_timer_avp and fr_inv_timer_avp
2009-06-04 Miklos TirpakMerge branch 'master' of ssh://tirpi@git.sip-router...
2009-06-04 Miklos TirpakMerge branch 'master' into script_callbacks
2009-06-04 Daniel-Constantin... core: added modulo operation
2009-06-03 Juha Heinanen* Improved presence database handling.
2009-06-03 Juha Heinanen* Introduced new function xcap_auth_status that is...
2009-06-03 Daniel-Constantin... pv: added new PV: $bs
2009-06-03 Daniel-Constantin... core: set 'fixed' shortcut to the value for fixup_uint...
2009-06-03 Daniel-Constantin... core: added shortcut to fixed value in fparam_t
2009-06-03 Miklos Tirpakroute_type: branch and onsend route bugs corrected
2009-06-02 Juha Heinanen* Commented out warning about deprecated avp name synta...
2009-06-01 Daniel-Constantin... - updated email address
2009-06-01 Daniel-Constantin... sl(k) - use load_tm_api()
2009-06-01 Juha Heinanen* modules_k/textops
2009-06-01 Daniel-Constantin... core: added km_parse_avp_spec()
2009-06-01 Daniel-Constantin... pv: parse K-style AVP aliases
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: corrections
2009-06-01 Jan Janakdocbook: Generate TOC for root-level section elements
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: onsend_route correction
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: onsend route
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: typo correction: s/pre/post
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: support for failure and branch routes
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callback: modules updated to the new API
2009-06-01 Miklos Tirpakscript callbacks: support for all kind of route blocks
2009-06-01 Andrei Pelinescu... make: required version is now 3.81
2009-06-01 Andrei Pelinescu... test: gcc version test scripts
2009-05-30 Daniel-Constantin... tm: doc - added note about tmx module
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... pua: use load_tm_api() instead of find_export()/load_tm()
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... kex: added K pv_printf() function
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... kex: added K dst uri related functions
2009-05-29 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: fix last commit
2009-05-29 Juha Heinanen* modules_k/acc: included Makefile.radius
2009-05-29 Andrei Pelinescu... makefile: gcc version detection fix
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... core: load_module - updated function docs
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... core: mpath aliased to loadpath (for K compatibility)
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... - core: load_module - compatibility with K mod paths
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... core: load_module - do not free 'path'
2009-05-29 Andrei Pelinescu... core: destroy_rpcs fix: don't try to free unalloc....
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... kex: implemented shmem:* K statistics
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... makefile: enable K STATISTICS def if KMSTATS=1
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... core: remove compile-time warning about K statistics
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... uac_redirect: module compiles now with sr
2009-05-29 Daniel-Constantin... tm: mark first branch in a fwd step
2009-05-29 Juha Heinanen* tls_config.c didn't compile due to extra }.
2009-05-29 Juha Heinanen* Fixed Makefiles of Radius related modules, which...
2009-05-28 Andrei Pelinescu... tls: warning fix
2009-05-28 Andrei Pelinescu... tls: minor fix: obey USE_IPV6
2009-05-28 Juha Heinanen* Changed hardcoded string "ser" in paths to "$(MAIN_NA...
2009-05-28 Daniel-Constantin... dialog (k): safety check of main_rt list boundaries
2009-05-28 Daniel-Constantin... dialog (k): lookup the index of timeout route
2009-05-28 Juha Heinanen* User-Agent and Server headers now contain string...
2009-05-27 Juha Heinanen* Ported xmlrpc server blocking fix from OpenSIPS.
2009-05-26 Juha Heinanen* Case of proto argument of allow_trusted function...
2009-05-26 Miklos Tirpakrr:force_send_socket has been documented
2009-05-26 Miklos Tirpakrr:force_send_socket parameter is added.