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2007-12-13 Karel Kozlikindex added to missed_calls table
2007-12-13 Karel Kozlikadding two more indexes to acc table
2007-12-12 Karel KozlikAttribute "datetime_created" made visible in serweb...
2007-10-31 Jan Janak- support for db_getopt
2007-10-10 Jan Janak- support for db_setopt
2007-10-10 Karel Kozlikadding indexes to table credentials and domain
2007-10-04 Karel Kozliknew attribute type introduced 'sw_highest_alias_number'
2007-09-26 Karel Kozliknew attr_types introduced:
2007-09-21 Karel Kozlikintroduced new attr type 'sw_uname_assign_mode' require...
2007-08-27 Jiri Kuthanadded index to make usrloc expires fast
2007-07-13 Jan Janak- release the db_res structure if execution of the...
2007-07-02 Libor Chocholatyonly formatting
2007-06-25 Libor Chocholatyadded several error messages for better error tracking
2007-06-25 Libor ChocholatyPreparation for implementation of UPDATE db statement.
2007-05-17 Vaclav KubartAdded functions for storing/loading flagged attributes...
2007-04-30 Vaclav Kubartindex in offline_winfo table changed to unique index...
2007-04-18 Jan Janak- Lookup db_fld function in drivers just once and then...
2007-04-05 Jan Janak- Support for raw sql queries
2007-04-05 Jan Janak- the root db structure renamed to avoid conflicts...
2007-04-05 Jan Janak- the root db structure renamed to avoid conflicts...
2007-04-04 Jan Janak- make a shallow copy of parameter and result fields...
2007-04-04 Jan Janak- doxygen tags fixed
2007-04-04 Jan Janak- new db api, revision 2.0
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- global db api data
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- db_row structure removed, obsoleted by db_rec
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Data structures for database results, records, and...
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- database capabilities not needed anymore
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Support for pre-compiled database queries
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Database connection related structures
2007-03-29 Jan JanakDatabase contexts, the toplevel structure of the API
2007-03-29 Jan JanakSupport for database URIs
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Templates for driver extension data
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- The generic part of other db api related structures.
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- db_val has been replaced with db_fld
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- db_op is not needed anymore, in the new api it is...
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- db_key is not needed anymore, in the new api it is...
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Replaced with db_uri structure
2007-03-29 Jan Janak- Allow using make also in db subdirectory
2007-03-28 Libor Chocholatysorry for inconvenience, it was my mistake
2007-03-28 Libor Chocholatyinclusion of not existent extra.xml produces an error...
2007-03-28 Libor Chocholatytext formatting
2007-01-17 Vaclav Kubartupdated DB schema documentation for PA module (included...
2006-12-21 Karel Kozliknew column 'grp' added to attr_types table
2006-12-19 Vaclav Kubartadded table titles in DB table descriptions needed...
2006-12-19 Vaclav Kubartremoved strange whitespaces to allow documentation...
2006-12-18 Vaclav Kubartlittle corrections needed to generate docbook documenta...
2006-12-12 Jan Janak- access changed to attr_access for oracle
2006-12-12 Jan Janak- get rid of xsl namespaces and use db="..." attributes...
2006-12-12 Jan Janak- Set db parameter when processing xsl templates
2006-11-23 Karel Kozlik- type of 'scheme' column in uri_attrs table changed...
2006-11-16 Jan Janak- default did is _default
2006-11-10 Andrei Pelinescu... - db: fix cmp_db_id to work also with null strings
2006-11-01 Vaclav Kubartupdated PA module tables - added support for PIDF exten...
2006-10-30 Karel KozlikChanged type of 'scheme' column in URI table from int...
2006-09-21 Karel Kozliknew attribute 'datetime_created'
2006-09-05 Vaclav Kubarttable for separate contact AVPs storage
2006-08-22 Miklos Tirpakipmatch table added to database schema definition
2006-08-02 Vaclav Kubartcorrected inconsistence in RLS database and added xcap_...
2006-08-02 Raphael Coefficadded scheme column. This intended to store the URI...
2006-07-25 Jan Janak- credentials table includes did column
2006-07-24 Jan Janak- did column added
2006-07-20 Jan Janak- obsolete files removed
2006-07-20 Karel Kozlik- re-formated
2006-07-20 Karel Kozlikunique index added
2006-07-19 Jan Janak- obsolete documentation removed
2006-07-19 Jan Janak- obsolete database example removed
2006-07-11 Karel Kozliknew column 'access' in table attr_types
2006-07-10 Karel Kozliknew attribute 'contact_email'
2006-07-04 Jan Janak- aor column added
2006-06-23 Karel Kozlikset flag 'required' for attributes digest_realm
2006-06-12 Karel Kozlikbit for uri attrs in priority column reserved
2006-06-12 Karel Kozliktable uri_attrs introduced
2006-05-25 Karel Kozlikupdated properties of attribute asserted_id
2006-05-11 Karel Kozlikdocumentation updated
2006-05-10 Karel Kozlikchanged values of flags in flag column
2006-05-10 Karel Kozlikallocated flags for table attr_types and domain_settings
2006-05-03 Karel Kozlikadded global attributes uid_format and did_format
2006-04-28 Karel Kozlikset flag 'required' for some attributes
2006-04-26 Karel Kozlikcreated table domain_settings
2006-04-18 Jan Janak- generate version table entries in the xsl script... before_dest_info_changes_2
2006-04-18 Karel Kozlikchanged name of attribute rpid
2006-04-18 Karel Kozlikupdated types of attributes
2006-04-18 Jan Janak- removed user definition
2006-04-18 Jan Janak- included version of cpl table
2006-04-18 Jan Janak- version added
2006-04-14 Karel Kozlikattribute type 'acl' added
2006-04-14 Karel Kozliknames of attributes changed
2006-04-13 Jan Janak- remove useless columnt
2006-04-13 Jan Janak- include cpl table
2006-04-13 Jan Janak- cpl table definition (uid version)
2006-04-10 Karel Kozlikremoved tables for server monitoring - no more needed
2006-04-10 Karel Kozlikadded default values of global attributes
2006-04-10 Karel Kozlikadded default value to column 'last_modified' in table...
2006-04-04 Vaclav Kubartforgotten to previous commit - changed DB schema
2006-03-20 Vaclav Kubartrls - multiple message queues replaced with one shared
2006-03-16 Karel Kozlikcreated new attribute type for sending missed calls
2006-02-22 Vaclav Kubartupdated schema for offline winfoo subscriptions - domai...
2006-02-16 Jan Janak- display proper error message when a database driver...
2006-02-02 Vaclav Kubartadded simple handling of <person> elements (RPID)
2006-02-02 Vaclav Kubartadded functions for storing and dumping offline authori...