@cfg_get.<group_name>.<var_name> is documented
[sip-router] / dset.c
2006-12-15 Andrei Pelinescu... - dst_uri buffer overflow check, discovered in openser...
2005-02-26 Jan Janak- Support for force_send_socket in the destination...
2005-02-14 Jan Janak- fixed misleading error messages
2005-02-01 Jan Janak- make nr_branches accessible
2004-12-03 Andrei Pelinescu... - lots of fixes (alignments, casts, warnings)
2004-11-14 Jan Janak- safer handling of the 'received' Contact parameter
2004-09-27 Jiri Kuthanenum aligned to use of dset.c rewrite_uri
2004-09-27 Jiri Kuthanmissed included completed
2004-09-27 Jiri KuthanAVP support introduced (not tested yet)
2004-09-01 Jan JanakThe possibility to set independent destination URIs...
2004-08-24 Jan Janak- Spelling checked
2004-04-27 Jan Janakprint_q -> q2str
2004-04-26 Jan JanakFixed ruri q printing bug reported by Juha.
2004-04-25 Jan JanakAdded the possibility to set priorities of URIs in...
2002-09-19 Jiri KuthanGPLization banner introduced to *.[hc] files
2002-08-16 Jiri Kuthanminor delayed clean-ups
2002-08-15 Jiri Kuthanfix of function naming
2002-08-15 Jiri Kuthangenerating Contact header field value in redirects...
2002-08-15 Jiri Kuthanbignag change -- lot of things primarily added in relat...