@cfg_get.<group_name>.<var_name> is documented
[sip-router] / etc /
2007-12-22 Jiri Kuthanincluded some extra comments about usrloc/db_mode
2007-12-18 Jiri Kuthanisplit DOMAIN so that option processing works even...
2007-11-20 Jiri Kuthanestehtic change: put applicability check in front of...
2007-11-15 Jan Janak- proper query declaration for db_ops
2007-11-14 Miklos Tirpaktimer modparam must be named
2007-11-13 Jiri Kuthantypo fixed, courtesy of Aldred E. H.
2007-11-02 Pavel Kasparekupdating Debian specification and adding oob cfg file
2007-05-30 Miklos Tirpakt_relay_cancel() is added to the sample configuration
2007-05-11 Vaclav Kubartexamples updated according to anounced auth_db change
2007-03-08 Nils Ohlmeier- removed obsoleted fifo comments
2007-03-08 Nils Ohlmeierremoved sl_send_reply also from comments
2007-03-07 Nils Ohlmeier- added call forwarding (always, on busy and on no...
2007-02-22 Jan Janak- replace sl_send_reply with sl_reply
2007-02-16 Nils Ohlmeierapplied config patch from Alfred E. Heggestad
2007-01-09 Nils Ohlmeiercleaned up the use of UID AVP to fix alias problem...
2006-12-13 Jan JanakRADIUS dictionary update:
2006-12-13 Andrei Pelinescu... - removed create_via() (not longer available after...
2006-12-13 Jan Janak- SER-Attrs -> SER-Attr because this is what all module...
2006-12-10 Nils Ohlmeierremoved deprecated commented fifo config names to avoid...
2006-12-08 Jan Janak- added missing SER-Uri-User attribute
2006-12-05 Nils Ohlmeieradded avp_db db_url; credits go to Enrico
2006-11-17 Nils OhlmeierAdded usage of personalized TM timers.
2006-11-08 Nils Ohlmeieradded From header check and load_attr for URI track...
2006-11-06 Nils Ohlmeierfixed To user lookup for REGISTER; thansk to Michal
2006-11-06 Nils Ohlmeierrenamed basic config file as simple is to confusing...
2006-11-05 Nils Ohlmeiermodified ser.cfg to work with all the new functions...
2006-07-19 Jan Janak- Vendor iptelorg
2006-04-04 Vaclav Kubartcosmetical changes
2006-04-04 Vaclav KubartAdded sample configuration files for presence. For...
2006-03-15 Andrei Pelinescu... - Makefile: added nodeb: make tar nodeb=1 (the tar...
2006-02-02 Tomas Mandys- new "declare" m4 macro helper to define all numbers...
2005-11-17 Jan Janak- reason phrase translation maps
2005-11-15 Jan Janak- Proprietary SER attributes marked with "SER"
2005-03-10 Andrei Pelinescu... - more commented out options added to the cfg
2005-03-10 Andrei Pelinescu... - cleaned cfg
2004-12-04 Jan Janak- RADIUS dictionary cleanup. Now it contains all attrib...
2004-12-04 Jan Janak- Missing Sip-Translated-Request-URI added
2004-12-04 Jan Janak- Added 'Failed' Acct-Status-Type
2004-11-30 Andrei Pelinescu... - added the missing force_send_socket script command
2004-01-13 Jan Janak- ser.cfg template preprocessed by m4
2003-11-11 Andrei Pelinescu... - merge from testing-0.8.12-r0: after_testing_0_8_12_r0_merge
2003-11-10 Jan Janak- Nathelper configuration example.
2003-11-03 Jan Janak- sql:// changed to mysql:// in all modules
2003-10-13 Jiri Kuthandebug mode turned off which I mistakenly checked in
2003-10-13 Jiri Kuthanaliases introduced to default config (its absence cause...
2003-09-11 Jan Janak- RADIUS beautification
2003-09-11 Jan Janak- radius dictionary file
2003-09-09 Nils OhlmeierFixed a typo in mail subject
2003-09-07 Nils OhlmeierSynched with bat version
2003-08-27 Nils OhlmeierUnnecessary file removed
2003-06-04 Jiri Kuthanenable_full_rr turned on
2003-05-31 Jiri Kuthannow if rr decides the next hop, script completes
2003-05-27 Jiri Kuthaniptel.cfg removed from cvs
2003-05-07 Jan Janak- debugging disabled
2003-05-06 Jan Janak- path to modules updated pre22
2003-04-25 Jiri Kuthanauth_db linked
2003-04-05 Jiri Kuthandefault DB uris replaced with a #define now
2003-03-29 Jiri Kuthanrecord-routing in default script aligned to current...
2003-03-28 Jiri Kuthanminor documentation changes
2003-03-13 Jan Janakforking enabled, removed listen=..
2003-03-13 Jan JanakSample configuration using dbtext.
2003-02-20 Jan JanakModified radiusclient.h added.
2003-02-14 Jiri Kuthanvendor-specific attribute introduced on Maxim's request
2003-01-25 Jan Janakuser_id changed to user
2003-01-14 Jan JanakSimple config for Presence Agent
2002-11-30 Jiri Kuthanprivate Contacts now allowed if request's source IP...
2002-11-29 Jiri Kuthanadded debug options (commented)
2002-11-24 Nils Ohlmeier- Added check for the running host
2002-11-18 Jiri Kuthanauth-secret removed from default config -- security...
2002-10-21 Jiri Kuthanprint module removed
2002-10-04 Jiri Kuthansl_filter_ACK obsolted and removed from scripts ser_0_8_9
2002-09-29 Jiri Kuthanprivate IP in Contacts now allowed if RR present
2002-09-26 Jan JanakAdded parameter for auth module.
2002-09-24 Jiri Kuthanauthentication secret commented out -- it is now genera...
2002-09-24 Jiri Kuthan- bug_fix: CANCEL for not_found handled the same way...
2002-09-22 Jiri Kuthan- we no more accept any Contacts with private or our...
2002-09-12 Nils OhlmeierMoved lock file creation to an earlier point.
2002-09-09 Nils OhlmeierAdded date of sipsak runs.
2002-09-09 Jiri Kuthanvoicemail fixes
2002-09-09 Nils OhlmeierAdded delay after connection refused.
2002-09-04 Jan Janak*** empty log message ***
2002-09-04 Jan Janak*** empty log message ***
2002-09-04 Jiri Kuthans/478/479 for private IP
2002-09-04 Jiri Kuthanadded detection of private IP registrations
2002-09-04 Jan JanakAdded optional digest authentication to ser.cfg
2002-09-04 Jiri Kuthandebugging noise reduced
2002-09-04 Jan Janak*** empty log message ***
2002-09-04 Nils OhlmeierFixed module path.
2002-09-04 Jiri Kuthanpath and new usrloc fixes
2002-09-03 ssiAdded relative directories for the RADIUS config files
2002-09-02 Jiri Kuthanqop turned off again
2002-08-30 Nils OhlmeierRemoved debug output.
2002-08-30 Nils OhlmeierAdded SMS notification.
2002-08-30 Jiri Kuthanfixed port number budvar
2002-08-30 Jiri Kuthaniptel.cfg aligned to bignamg release
2002-08-29 ssiAdding some configuration files for radius
2002-08-21 Jiri Kuthanjunked old data
2002-08-19 Jiri Kuthanextra line for the case that 'myself' does not work
2002-08-19 Jiri Kuthanquick-start config file introduced
2002-08-19 Jiri Kuthanscript for integrated IM and SMS gateway introduced