Modifying the return value of cfg_set* functions, in order to make
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2004-01-14 Raphael Coefficchanged vm module name from 'voicemail' to 'vm' to...
2003-11-29 Raphael Coefficdeleted the announcement server part, so that the examp...
2003-11-03 Jan Janak- sql:// changed to mysql:// in all modules
2003-10-30 Jiri Kuthaninitial commit of example showing how a proxy server...
2003-10-14 Jiri Kuthanusage comments updated
2003-10-14 Jiri Kuthannew example showing behaviour of flag processing in...
2003-10-10 Jiri Kuthanexamples ported from stable to devel
2003-08-21 Jiri Kuthanbye sent even on refer failure; forward-porting
2003-07-02 Jiri Kuthans/gawk/awk
2003-06-22 Jiri Kuthanrestructured in a separate route block
2003-06-21 Jiri Kuthaninitial version committed
2003-06-20 Jiri Kuthanuser->username
2003-06-20 Jiri Kuthanfixed reply_route -> failure_route
2003-06-03 Jiri Kuthanexamples aligned to 8.11
2003-04-28 Jiri Kuthanctd take precomputed dialog state from tm now
2003-04-24 Jiri Kuthanconfig values moved to variables
2003-04-24 Jiri Kuthaninitiatl check-in
2003-04-11 Jiri Kuthanpingtel test mentioned
2003-04-11 Jiri Kuthanrequirements enhanced
2003-04-07 Daniel-Constantin... - added msilo sample config script
2003-04-07 Jiri Kuthans/reply_route/failure_route, onreply_route introduced
2003-04-07 Jiri Kuthannew exmample demonstating on_reply bflmpsvz
2003-03-06 Jiri Kuthansorry -- I'm taking off in few minutes and wanted to... after_xl
2003-03-01 Jiri Kuthancomment on CTD using precomputed dialog state
2003-03-01 Jiri Kuthanbug_fix: route_set reversed
2003-02-27 Jiri Kuthanclick-to-dial completed
2003-01-30 Jiri Kuthanmore reminders/warnings inserted
2003-01-29 Jiri Kuthaninitial version of FIFO/uac-based click-to-dial based...
2003-01-25 Jan Janakuser_id changed to user
2003-01-23 Jiri Kuthandetermination of outbound interace introduced (get_out_...
2003-01-19 Jiri Kuthanexamples with pbx/voicemail added; more on authetnicati...
2003-01-07 Jiri Kuthanclarifications on accounting and stateful UAS added
2003-01-05 Jiri Kuthannew exec examples introduced
2002-12-14 Jiri Kuthanexample aligned to new exec module
2002-12-09 Jiri Kuthanadmin documentation refurbished -- quite many changes...
2002-10-04 Jiri Kuthanexamples simplified and aligned to latest ser version
2002-09-24 Jiri Kuthanlisten option removed from example config files
2002-09-19 Jiri Kuthanfixed module paths
2002-08-30 Jiri Kuthanexample address given
2002-08-29 ric- Added example configuration file to test snmp module...
2002-08-28 Jiri Kuthanuncommented load_module(tm)
2002-08-27 Jiri Kuthantyop fixed
2002-08-27 Jiri Kuthan3pcc introduced
2002-08-27 Jiri Kuthanadded some more clarifications
2002-08-26 Jiri Kuthaninitial version of "web_send_sms" committed
2002-08-19 Jiri Kuthanscripts moved to examples