msrp: proper cmap insert when last item has greater citemid
[sip-router] / pkg /
2022-07-05 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: lintian overwrite [skip ci]
2022-06-30 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add initial support for jammy
2022-06-28 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: update lintian overrides [skip ci]
2022-06-23 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: added CentOS 9 support
2022-06-20 alexyosifovMerge pull request #3146 from alexyosifov/skip_multiple...
2022-06-18 Victor SevaRevert "pkg/kamailio/deb: fix tlsa build"
2022-06-18 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: fix tlsa build
2022-06-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: rework rules [skip ci]
2022-06-14 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #3133 from sn4kebite/auth-dont-inval...
2022-06-11 Anthony Albapackaging: on EL8 package with Python 3.9
2022-06-03 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: update Maintainer and Vcs fields...
2022-05-30 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: packaged siprepo module into RPM...
2022-05-08 Bastian Trillerpkg: Fix typos
2022-05-05 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.7.0~dev0 [skip ci]
2022-04-28 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: set version 5.6.0~pre1
2022-04-25 Kaufmanpkg alpine renamed malloc_test to misctest
2022-04-23 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add breaks/replaces to kamailio-cnxcc...
2022-04-23 Victor SevaRevert "pkg/kamailio/deb: remove radius old Breaks...
2022-04-23 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: remove radius old Breaks/Replaces
2022-04-23 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: update copyright with new paths
2022-04-15 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.6.0~pre0
2022-02-25 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: fix backports rules related to nats
2022-02-25 Matthias Urlichspkg::deb: Missing spaces
2022-02-23 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add kamailio-nats-modules to bookworm
2022-02-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: fix rules
2022-02-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: remove python*-dev dependency for...
2022-02-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: kamailio-nats-modules
2022-02-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: sync control file with Debian
2022-01-11 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add --atexit=no
2022-01-11 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.6.0~dev3
2021-12-13 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2935 from kamailio/vseva/dlg_rpc
2021-12-08 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: fix lintian warnings
2021-12-04 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: fix bookworm and sid build
2021-12-03 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: Add bookworm support
2021-11-19 carstenbockMerge pull request #2879 from ErhanOnur/fix_ims_usrloc_...
2021-11-06 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: packaged nats module
2021-11-04 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.6.0~dev2
2021-11-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2891 from smititelu/increase_defines
2021-11-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2896 from sergey-safarov/GH2892
2021-11-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2904 from smititelu/parser_crlf_log
2021-11-01 carstenbockMerge pull request #2907 from alexyosifov/extend_ims_re...
2021-10-29 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: updated modules list
2021-08-27 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.6.0~dev1
2021-06-18 SPChanpkg: enable RHEL7-like distros to build with OpenSSL...
2021-06-14 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: disabled lwsc build on CentOS 6 dist
2021-06-14 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: simlifid module definition for RHEL...
2021-06-11 SPChanpkg: add support for AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux
2021-05-27 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: missing lwsc module files [skip ci]
2021-05-01 Henning Westerholtpkg: small spelling fix in comments
2021-04-23 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.6.0~dev0
2021-04-16 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: added lwsc module packaging
2021-04-15 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add lwcs module vseva/lwcs
2021-04-09 Wolfgang KampichlerMerge pull request #2675 from kamailio/wkampich/dev
2021-04-01 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: set version 5.5.0~pre0
2021-03-25 Daniel-Constantin... pkgs: deb - removed old project name
2021-03-25 Daniel-Constantin... pkg: obs - removed old project name
2021-03-24 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev5
2021-03-24 Sergey Safarovpkg/docker: updated submodule [skip ci]
2021-03-22 Robert BoisvertMerge branch 'master' of
2021-03-22 Robert BoisvertMerge branch 'master' of
2021-03-22 Robert Boisvert* pkg/docker rewind
2021-03-15 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: packaged lrkproxy module [skip ci]
2021-03-09 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2662 from fgaisnon/master
2021-03-03 mojtabaesfandiariMerge pull request #2 from kamailio/master
2021-02-19 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add secsipid package for supported...
2021-02-15 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: added --atexit=no into systemd unit...
2021-02-11 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev4
2021-02-11 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: restore python3 dependency of kamaili...
2021-02-05 Olle E. JohanssonMerge pull request #2612 from kamailio/wkampich/dev
2021-02-01 Sergey Safarovpkg/docker: updated submodule [skip ci]
2021-01-25 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2590 from annema-Kontron/fix_kontro...
2021-01-17 Sergey Safarovpkg/docker: updated submodule [skip ci]
2021-01-07 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add bullseye
2020-12-01 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: updated tmpfiles
2020-11-30 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2563 from aalba6675/kemi-tm-proto
2020-11-28 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: packaged sworker module
2020-11-25 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/alpine: renamed userblacklist to userblocklist
2020-11-25 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: renamed userblacklist to userblocklist
2020-11-19 Henning Westerholtpkg: fix debian lintian error after kamailio scripts...
2020-11-10 Lucian BalaceanuMerge pull request #2544 from lbalaceanu/master
2020-11-08 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/alpine: packaged app_lua_sr module
2020-10-23 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2513 from gaaf/features/jansson...
2020-10-19 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev3
2020-09-22 Nacho GMerge pull request #2474 from NGSegovia/keepalive_solve...
2020-09-11 Henning Westerholtpkg: add CAP_CHOWN capability to Kamailio systemd servi...
2020-09-11 Henning Westerholtpkg: synchronize environment setting for pkg mem betwee...
2020-09-04 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2462 from NGSegovia/keepalive_fix_r...
2020-09-01 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev2
2020-08-24 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2422 from kamailio/jchavanton/acc_totag
2020-08-04 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: add focal support
2020-07-27 Sergey Safarovpkg/kamailio/obs: spec formating
2020-07-21 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2402 from kamailio/sip-parser-log
2020-07-17 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev1 [skip ci]
2020-07-15 Julien ChavantonMerge branch 'master' into jchavanton/rtp_media_server_...
2020-07-10 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.5.0~dev0 [skip ci]
2020-07-03 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2386 from kvrban/master
2020-07-02 Julien ChavantonMerge pull request #2359 from kamailio/jchavanton/mqueu...
2020-07-02 Victor Sevapkg/kamailio/deb: version set 5.4.0~pre1 [skip ci]
2020-06-30 Sergey Safarovpkg/docker: updated submodule pepelux/cnxcc-fix
2020-06-24 Daniel-Constantin... Merge pull request #2372 from danielmartinezruiz/keepal...