@cfg_get.<group_name>.<var_name> is documented
[sip-router] / select_core.h
2008-01-11 Miklos Tirpakconfiguration values can be retrieved in the script...
2007-09-06 Michal Matyskafixes SER-304
2007-03-08 Gergely KovacsDate, Identity, Identity-info HF support added
2007-02-18 Tomas Mandys- added (uint|int|str)_to_static_buffer functions to...
2006-12-12 Miklos Tirpak@dst_uri and @next_hop select calls are introduced:
2006-10-20 Michal Matyskanew select functions:
2006-06-30 Michal Matyskanameaddr.params corrected (when used from nested selects)
2006-06-30 Michal Matyskaparams retrieving extended to
2006-06-29 Michal Matyska@method returns METHOD string within request select_method
2006-06-27 Michal Matyskauri.params.XXXX now acceped and returns value of that...
2006-06-27 Michal Matyskaselect core extension:
2006-06-27 Jan Janak- support for digest credentials selects, supported is:
2006-06-27 Michal Matyskanameaddr support in select framework
2006-06-21 Michal Matyskaselect_buf:
2006-03-21 Michal MatyskaCore select R-URI splitting into parts introduced:...
2006-02-17 Michal MatyskaSelect framework extended to "fixup call" if demanded...
2006-02-16 Jan Janak- support for @event
2006-01-19 Michal Matyska- multiple nested calls allowed
2006-01-07 Michal MatyskaPARAM_xxx changed into SEL_PARAM_xxx to avoid conflict...
2005-12-20 Michal MatyskaHistory rewritten, new files GPLized
2005-12-20 Michal MatyskaMessage core select functions implemented:
2005-12-20 Michal MatyskaNew script element, Jan's select function framework...